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reverberate (rih VUHR buh rayt) (verb), reverberates; reverberated; reverberating
1. To be thrown back again and again; to bounce back over and over, or to re-echo what was heard before: The voices of Rebecca and William reverberated as they talked in the cave.

The ringing of the church bells reverberated through the valley.

Reverberate has also been used figuratively to describe the continual influence of great thoughts; for example, the words of Abraham Lincoln continue to reverberate through history and the proverbs in the "Book of Proverbs" in the Bible have reverberated through the ages.

2. Sensations which are heard and that continue after their origins have stopped: Voices tend to reverberate in a large, empty room; especially, when the walls and the floor are uncovered and made of stone.
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