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avenge, revenge, revenge, vengeance
avenge (uh VENJ) (verb)
The act of doing something to hurt another person in the sense of achieving justice because that party caused harm to someone; to repay: Sam wants to avenge and to punish the person who caused his mother's injuries.

Bill planned to avenge his brother's death by burning the murderer's house down.

revenge (ri VENJ) (verb)
To seek reprisal by the person who is wronged or offended; to pay back: Tyson still plans to revenge the insult done to him by getting even.
revenge (ri VENJ) (noun)
An action taken in return for an injury or harmful offense: Jamal humiliated her, but Kelly says she will get revenge for what he said.
vengeance (VEN juhns) (noun)
An act of punishment in retaliation for an injury or offense: Elliott was determined to get vengeance for the murder of his sister.

The tree that was chopped down in Judge Desmond's front yard looked like an act of vengeance, as if someone were trying to avenge himself because of the decisions that, as the chief magistrate, he made in court in which he chided the accused for attempting to revenge himself against his neighbor.

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Revenge may be sweet except for the one on the receiving end: vengeance quotes.
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revenge (ri VENJ) (s) (noun), revenges (pl) (pl)
Harm that is done to another person, or people, as punishment for what was done to the one who wants to get even for the suffering he or she has experienced: "Revenge usually stresses retaliation by the person, or those who were wronged or offended, and to pay back such actions with retribution or justified punishment."
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revenge (verb), revenges; revenged; revenging
To inflict punishment in return for an injury or an insult: "Even though Jim paid the waiter, he revenged the humiliation that he suffered from the accusation that he didn't pay for the meal by never going to that restaurant again."
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(revenge may be sweet except for the one on the receiving end)