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reported, retorted, reputed, reputed
reported (ri PAWRT'd, ri POHRT'd) (verb)
1. To have made a written or verbal account of something: The radio reported that there was a bad accident on the highway.

The gym instructor reported on the new equipment for the gymnasium.

2. To herald the presence or arrival of something: The cabin boy climbed to the crow's nest on the ship and reported that land was in sight.
3. To bring a matter that had been under consideration back to a group for further discussion and recommendations: The chairperson reported the proposals for energy conservation to the mayor's committee.
4. To give a formal accounting for something: The treasurer reported a balance in the city's accounts for the previous year.
retorted (ri TORT'd) (verb)
To have replied or answered back particularly in the context of an argument: Lenora was angry and retorted in an aggressive manner to the assertions being presented.
reputed (ri PYOOT'd) (verb)
To look upon or regard someone as having certain characteristics: Melba was reputed to have a green thumb and could make any garden bloom in the spring.
reputed (ri PYOOT'd) (adjective)
Relating to someone or something that is supposed to be true, to exist, or to have a specified identity, etc.: Jerry's friend was hired for his reputed talents as a superior manager.

"James has reported his findings," Nettie retorted sharply to criticism from her boss. As an accountant, she was reputed to be very thorough and exacting in her analysis of the budget.

retort (verb), retorts; retorted; retorting
1. To reply immediately in an angry or humorous way to something that someone has said: "Shirley retorted angrily that it was not true that she had not completed her assignment and she showed proof that it had been done."
2. To present a counterargument to something that has been presented: "The speaker was retorting to a critic in the audience when he responded by saying, 'It's obvious that you don't know what you are talking about.' "
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A fast, humorous, or witty response to someone who has said something negative. (1)