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reticent (adjective), more reticent, most reticent
1. Descriptive of someone who is restrained and reserved; given to silence or to say very little: Adam is a reticent refugee who doesn't want to discuss his past with other people in his new country.
2. Etymology: from Latin reticentia, "silence"; from reticere, "to keep quiet"; from re-, "again, once more" + tacere, "to be silent."
Referring to being inclined to being uncommunicative.
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Relating to being silent and not saying anything.
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Pertaining to not explaining what is wrong.
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reticent, taciturn
reticent (RET i suhnt) (adjective)
1. Pertaining to a person who is inclined to keep one's thoughts, feelings, and personal affairs to oneself: Mollie was reticent about discussing the cause of her feeling so sad.
2. Regarding an individual who is restrained or reserved in style; reluctant; unwilling: Audry's friend was reticent to help out during the harvest season on the farm because of an injured hand.

Curtis is reticent about discussing his past life.

taciturn (TAS i turn") (adjective)
Descriptive of someone who is habitually untalkative, tending to remain silent, or seldom speaking: The unsociable and taciturn man would rock silently in his chair for hours.

The taciturn farmer was reticent to help the new neighbor drill a new well.