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1. To keep possession of something or to continue to keep something in one's possession.
2. To be able to keep ideas or information in the memory; that is, to remember.
3. To keep or to hold something in a place or position; or to maintain in use, practice, etc.
4. To be able to hold or to accumulate something; especially, liquid.
5. To pay someone regularly to do work.
6. To pay a preliminary fee to reserve the services of an attorney, accountant, or other professional whenever needed.
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retain, retain
retain (ri TAYN) (verb)
1. To maintain possession of something in one's memory; especially, for a long time: Marilyn has a remarkable ability to retain odd facts.
2. To keep or to hold in a particular place, condition, or position: The TV show has been able to retain its popularity for many years.
retain (ri TAYN) (verb)
1. To hire an attorney, for example, by the payment of a fee: They have decided to retain a firm to conduct the survey and they may need to retain an attorney, too.
2. To keep in one's service or pay: The company's goal is to attract and to retain good employees.

Betty was able to retain the services of a good butler because she needed someone who was able to retain detailed information on the needs of her various guests.