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resurrect (rez" uh REKT) (verb), resurrects; resurrected; resurrecting
1. To cause to become alive again: Patricia's plant was so wilted that she was convinced that it could neither beĀ resurrected nor thrive again.
2. To return from the dead: In the novel Sam was reading, Jonathan, the main character, was resurrected, or brought back to life, by a magician.
3. To restore from a depressed, inactive, or unused condition: After bringing up the old coffee grinder from the basement, and after cleaning it, Roland resurrected it and utilized it again for grinding his coffee in the morning!
4. To bring back into practice, notice, or use: Ted's family sang several Christmas carols in their home after finally resurrecting their old piano to provide the music.
To raise from the dead or bring back to life.
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