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restful, restive, restless
restful (REST fuhl) (adjective)
Characterizing a place which is calm or quiet: The cottage by the lake is a very restful place to spend the summer holidays.
restive (RES tiv) (adjective)
Fidgety; descriptive of a person who moves around excessively: When he felt restive, Sean would walk around in his office in a nervous or stressful manner.
restless (REST lis) (adjective)
1. Descriptive of someone who is lacking a peace of mind: Lorna's restless mind was always thinking of new plots for her series of novels.
2. Unhappy about a situation and wanting changes: The president of the university realized that the students were restless when they organized protest marches.
3. Relating to the condition of having little or no relaxation or sleep: Cassie spent a restless night because of the strong winds and thunder storms.

Having been restive all week long and feeling restless, Maggie was glad for the opportunity to go to the cottage where it is always quiet and restful.