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respectable (adjective), more respectable, most respectable
1. Worthy of high regard, admiration, and esteem: Arthur and Meg both came from a good, respectable, and honest family.
2. Presentable: For the ceremony, Mr. Henderson wore his most respectable suit in order to look well-groomed.
3. Reasonable or fair in size or quantity: At the market, Mary received a respectable amount of cherries for the cake she wanted to make that day.
4. Disposed to being correct in conduct or character: Little Johnny put on his most respectable behavior when he went to church that day.
respectable, respectful, respective
respectable (ri SPEK tuh buhl) (adjective)
1. Proper, typically in reference to one's manners or demeanor: Mark was a respectable young man and considered to be a good catch for the young ladies in the small town.
2. Tolerable, fair in size or amount: Howard's grades at school were considered respectable but not sufficiently strong enough to earn him a scholarship.
respectful (ri SPEKT fuhl) (adjective)
Descriptive of appreciation or courteous regard for someone: Cleo's respectful questions to the movie star were appreciated and answered thoroughly.
respective (ri SPEK tiv) (adjective)
Belonging to or relating to each one of the people or things that have been mentioned: After the meeting, each person went to his or her respective homes."

They are all very successful in their respective fields of study.

Each of the respective lawyers was regarded as highly respectable in legal circles. Ernest figured that he would have to be very respectful when talking with them.