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resist (verb), resists; resisted; resisting
1. To fend off or to oppose something or someone: The principal, Mr. Brown, was dissapointed when the staff rejected and resisted his suggestion of increasing the number of parent-teacher conferences.
2. To fight or to hold out against something: The burglar tried to resist being arrested after being caught stealing the jewels.
3. To avoid or to refuse something: It was so hard for Nancy to resist eating ice cream because she was on a diet to lose weight.
4. To withstand something: James tried to resist the cold outside by putting on warm boots, a winter coat, and a woolen scarf.
(there is a lack of understanding as to how RFID works)
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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): China Resisting Use
China doesn't use RFID because it considered too expensive and it is too difficult to set it up.
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