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resign (ri ZIGHN), resigns; resigned, resigning (verbs)
1. To quit or leave a position or a job; especially, by formal notification. "The CEO (chief executive officer) resigned when it was discovered that he had misappropriated some of the company's funds to a local politician."

"Some people simply resign when they're ready to stop working in one place so they can get a different job."

2. To accept or to submit to something that is unchangeable or incapable of being avoided or prevented: "The 98-year old lady resigned herself to the fact that she would die soon."

"His father will be resigning from any further association with or participation in the activities of the political party."

3. Etymology: from Old French resigner, from Latin resignare, "to check off, to cancel, to give up"; from re-, "opposite" + signare, "to make an entry in an account book"; literally, "to mark".

The meaning of "give up a position" is first recorded in the late 14th century.

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