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residence (REZ i duhns, REZ i dens") (noun)
1. The actual living place of an individual or people, as opposed to a temporary living place: His residence was located on a shady street with a lovely lawn in front of it.
2. A large and impressive house where an important or wealthy person lives: The book publisher spent three months at his summer residence.
3. A length of time that someone has lived in a location: Randy's forty year residence in Trisha's town was highlighted by his serving as mayor for three consecutive terms.
residents (REZ i duhnts, REZ i dents") (noun)
1. Individuals who live in a specific place: The hotel residents paid for the use of the gym at the time they registered.
2. Doctors who are training at hospitals to become specialists in particular fields of medicine: Lenora's cousins are both residents at the local hospital studying cardiology as their field of medical specialization.

The new medical residents were hoping to live in residence at the hospital.

resident (s) (noun), residents (pl)
1. A person who lives or dwells in a place.
2. A physician who joins the medical staff of a hospital as a salaried employee for a specified period to gain advanced training; usually, in a particular field, being in full-time attendance at the hospital and often living on the premises.
3. A diplomatic representative, inferior in rank to an ambassador, living in a foreign embassy.
4. Something which is encoded and permanently available to a computer user, as a font in a printer's ROM or software on a CD-ROM.
5. A computer program that is currently active or being available in a computer memory.
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graying residents
A reference to people who live at a particular place for a prolonged period and are showing signs of becoming old or an indication of aging populations.

Two decades of generous pubic works spending have showered this city of 61,000 mostly graying residents with a highway, a four-lane bypass, a university, a prison, a children's art museum, the Sun Village Hamada sports center, a bright red welcome center, a ski resort, and an aquarium featuring three ring-blowing beluga whales.

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