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residence (s) (noun), residences (pl)
1. The place; especially, the house, in which a person lives or resides; a dwelling place; a home.
2. A structure serving as a dwelling or home; especially, one of large proportion and superior quality: Ted and Irene have a summer residence in on the California beach.
3. The act or fact of residing.
4. The act of living or staying in a specified place while performing official duties, carrying on studies or research, waiting for a divorce, etc.
5. The time during which a person lives in a place: Margaret was a residence in the neighborhood for five years.
6. The location of the main offices or principal center of business activity of a commercial enterprise; especially, a large corporation; which is registered under law.
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avunculocal residence (s) (noun), avunculocal residences (pl)
A living pattern in which newly married couples stay with the family of the husband's maternal uncle.

Found in matrilineal societies where a nephew inherits property from his mother's brother.

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