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residence (s) (noun), residences (pl)
1. The place; especially, the house, in which a person lives or resides; a dwelling place; a home.
2. A structure serving as a dwelling or home; especially, one of large proportion and superior quality: Ted and Irene have a summer residence in on the California beach.
3. The act or fact of residing.
4. The act of living or staying in a specified place while performing official duties, carrying on studies or research, waiting for a divorce, etc.
5. The time during which a person lives in a place: Margaret was a residence in the neighborhood for five years.
6. The location of the main offices or principal center of business activity of a commercial enterprise; especially, a large corporation; which is registered under law.
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residence, residents
residence (REZ i duhns, REZ i dens") (noun)
1. The actual living place of an individual or people, as opposed to a temporary living place: His residence was located on a shady street with a lovely lawn in front of it.
2. A large and impressive house where an important or wealthy person lives: The book publisher spent three months at his summer residence.
3. A length of time that someone has lived in a location: Randy's forty year residence in Trisha's town was highlighted by his serving as mayor for three consecutive terms.
residents (REZ i duhnts, REZ i dents") (noun)
1. Individuals who live in a specific place: The hotel residents paid for the use of the gym at the time they registered.
2. Doctors who are training at hospitals to become specialists in particular fields of medicine: Lenora's cousins are both residents at the local hospital studying cardiology as their field of medical specialization.

The new medical residents were hoping to live in residence at the hospital.

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avunculocal residence (s) (noun), avunculocal residences (pl)
A living pattern in which newly married couples stay with the family of the husband's maternal uncle.

Found in matrilineal societies where a nephew inherits property from his mother's brother.

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residence time
The average length of time an entity remains in a particular part of its cycle; for example, the residence time of water in the deep ocean is the average time a water parcel remains in the deep sea.

The term is often used in environmental chemistry to denote the length of time an ion or compound remains in the atmosphere or surface waters.

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