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perquisite, prerequisite, requisite
perquisite (PUR kwi zit) (noun)
A payment or profit received in addition to a regular wage or salary; especially, a benefit expected as being deserved; a "perk": Use of the company's jet is a perquisite of the job.
prerequisite (pree REK wi zit) (noun)
Something which is required or necessary as a prior condition: Competence is a prerequisite to promotion to the next level of administration.
requisite (REK wi zit) (noun)
Something that is required, essential, or indispensable; a necessity: It is a requisite that people carry water with them when they hike into the desert.

As a result of Jerry's lack of experience, he thought that the car supplied by his employer was a requisite, in fact a perquisite; however, when he read the details of his contract again, he realized that owning a car was a prerequisite to getting the job. He says that he never was very good at spelling.

requisite (s) (noun), requisites (pl)
Something that is necessary or indispensable: Karen always thinks that jam is a requisite for a good peanut butter sandwich.

Having a source of heat is an obvious requisite during cold winter days.

requisite (adjective), more requisite, most requisite
Characteristic of something that is necessary and expected for a special reason: Shirley had the requisite license with all of the qualifications necessary to drive the school bus.