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requirement (s) (noun), requirements (pl)
1. Something that is needed for a particular purpose: The passport application had a requirement that a current photograph be provided.
2. Anything that is obligatory or demanded: Basic language skills were requirements for the new job in the translation services.
requirement, requisition
requirement (ri KWIGHR muhnt) (noun)
Something that is needed or which is essential: Sunshine is a requirement for the garden to grow.

Taking a math course is a requirement in order to finish a person's high school education.

requisition (rek" wi ZISH uhn) (noun)
1. An authoritative demand for something: Frank completed a requisition for fresh vegetables to be delivered to the store every Wednesday.
2. A formal demand or request, typically between nations for the provision of something or the exchange of individuals: At the end of the war, the general sent a requisition for all the prisoners to be released immediately.
3. A request for something that is available but not readily provided: The doctor signed the requisition for additional flu vaccine for her clinic.

It is a requirement that Tony review all requisition slips that are being sent to the supply department.

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total material requirement (TMR)
The total mass of the physical materials that are mobilized each year to support an economy.

This includes not only the direct use of resources for producing goods; such as, oil and timber harvest; but also "hidden flows" including mining overburden, processing waste, and soil erosion; as well as, the materials embodied in imports.

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