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prescribed, required
prescribed (pri SKRIGHB'd) (verb)
1. Specified with authority: The driver's handbook prescribed the consequences of driving without a valid driver's license.
2. To have required the use of something as a remedy: The doctor prescribed a week in the mountains as a cure for Trina's asthma.
required (ri KWIGHR'd) (verb)
1. Wanted as an essential or compelling need for something: The animals required fresh water every day.
2. Expected as suitable or appropriate: A black tie was not required at the formal dinner, but Karin's friend was embarrassed because his polka dot tie was too informal.
3. Imposed, expected, or necessitated: The taxi driver carried a special license, as required by the law.

Jason is required to take the prescribed training course before he can become a therapist.

require (verb), requires; required; requiring
1. To be in need of something or someone for a particular purpose: The long trip tomorrow requires a good night's sleep.
2. To have something as a necessary precondition: The men were required to dress formally with jackets and ties for the wedding ceremony.
3. To insist that someone do something: Jim was required to arrive at the medical appointment on time or he would have to wait much longer before the doctor could see him if he got there late.
required (adjective), more required, most required
1. Necessary or appropriate: Most of the required background for Harry's term paper was found on the internet.
2. Insisted upon or imposed as a condition: Max was told that "work experience" was a required qualification a person must have when applying for the engineer's job that he was seeking.
(avoid redundancies or excessive repetitiousness by not using unnecessary repetitions and superfluous words or more word usages than is needed, desired, or required)