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repose (s) (noun), reposes (pl)
1. The act of resting or a state of being at rest: The elderly couple, Joe and Leah, took their daily repose by sitting out in the backyard whenever the weather made it possible.
2. Freedom from worry, troubles, and stress, and so having a peace of mind: The workers of the company, including Jack and Stuart, continued to have a repose about their jobs even with all of the bad news being presented about the national economy.
3. Having a calmness and composure of manner: Rufus appeared to be in repose despite having to wait so long for the delayed flight.
4. The absence of motion or activity; stillness: Sally could see her husband's body in repose as he took his afternoon nap.
repose (verb), reposes; reposed; reposing
1. To rest or to place something somewhere: As soon as the train started to move, Carter, the salesman, reposed his head on the small pillow that he brought with him and fell asleep.
2. To place trust, hope, or confidence in something or someone: Carol has always reposed her trust in her father's judgment and she was still reposing her confidence that his advice was reliable.