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displace, misplace, replace
displace (dis PLAYS) (verb)
To take from or to remove from the original location of an object or individual: Due to the destruction by the flooding river, the trucks will help to displace the local residents.
misplace (mis PLAYS) (verb)
1. To put in the wrong or untypical location: Marlon managed to misplace his glasses again and he couldn’t find them anywhere!

Jeremy was worried that his editor might misplace a comma in the introductory sentence of his new novel.

2. To direct a feeling; such as, trust or confidence toward someone or something that does not deserve it: Emanuel's lying all the time caused Haley to misplace her trust in such tall red haired men.
replace (ri PLAYS); this should NOT be pronounced as, (ri PLAYZ) (verb)
To return an object to its original location: Leanne was careful to replace the book exactly where she found it.

While Selma was doing a thorough cleaning at the library, she had to displace the books from the shelves. When it was time to replace them, she was afraid that she would misplace some of the titles and confuse the users.