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repetition (s) (noun), repetitions (pl)
1. Something that happens in the same way as an earlier event: If there is a repetition of an event, it takes place once more.
2. The act, process, or an instance of repeating or being repeated.
3. A recitation or recital; especially, of prepared or memorized material.
4. An event or situation which is the same as one that happened previously.
5. Etymology: "an act of saying over again"; from Latin repetitionem, repetitio; from repetitus, past participle of repetere, "to do" or "to say again"; from re-, "again" + petere, "to go toward, to seek, to demand, to attack".
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(Greek: twig; later, in modern usage: repetition, carbon copy, same)
(Greek: sound, noise; especially a returned sound; repetition, imitation)
(Latin: crowded, numerous; repeated, repetition, constant)
(Latin: copy, repeat, represent; repetition)