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renovate (verb), renovates; renovated; renovating
1. To bring something; such as, a building, back to a former or better condition by means of repairs, redecoration, or remodeling: The contractors wanted to renovate the hotel by repairing and improving its style and efficiency for customers.
2. To refurbish something and to make it new or to restore its usefulness: Virginia spent her time on the weekend trying to renovate and freshen up an old oak bench on her balcony.
3. To give new vigor to someone or something: By taking the pills that the doctor suggested and by going to the fitness studio, Brian tried to renovate his health and alertness.
To restore by repairing.
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To make over or to renew.
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To change into a good condition.
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renovated (adjective), more renovated, most renovated
1. Pertaining to something that has been repaired and improved; especially, a building.
2. A reference to anything that has been torn down and rebuilt; usually, into a new structure.
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