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denounce, renounce
denounce (di NOUNS) (verb)
To speak or to make threatening remarks against or about an individual or situation: The mob made angry comments seeking to denounce the landlord for the high rents.
renounce (ri NOUNS) (verb)
To give up or to refuse to follow or to cooperate: The king chose to renounce his throne rather than allow the evil wizard to take over.

Van stood up to denounce the crowd that was calling for the king to renounce his throne.

renounce (verb), renounces; renounced; renouncing
1. To give up, to abandon, or to abdicate something; typically in a formal manner: Prince Arthur was said to have renounced his future as the king because he wanted to have a normal life without the responsibilities which would be required of a royal administrator.
2. To reject or to disown: The student renounced having anything to do with cheating on her test as the teacher suspected, because the girl had such a high score.
3. Etymology: from Latin renuntiare, "to report"; from re-, "back" + nuntiare, "to announce."
To disown voluntarily.
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To abandon entirely.
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