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render (verb), renders; rendered; rendering (verb forms)
1. Cause to become or to make: The shot from mall shooter rendered a man helpless.
2. To submit or present, as for consideration, approval, or payment: The food service staff was asked by the customer to render a bill for payment."
3. To give or make available; to provide: Marie tried to render assistance to her sick friend."
4. To represent in verbal form; to depict: Henry was able to render a written explanation for being late to the business meeting.
5. In computer science, to convert graphics from a file into a visual form; as on a video display: Martin's friend bought a new computer program that would render his graphics into a DVD format.
6. To express in another language or form; to translate: Marissa had to pay a professional translator to render the text of her new book from its original English to Italian for distribution in Italy.
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