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remand (verb), remands; remanded; remanding
1. To send or to order back: Gerardo was remanded to the custody of the federal agents after the local investigators arrested him.
2. In law, to send back to custody; to send back a case to a lower court with instructions about further proceedings: The judge remanded the legal proceedings to another court for further considerations.
3. The act of sending an accused person back into custody to await trial or the continuation of the trial: Kendra was remanded into custody in a jail until her trial would begin.
4. To lock up or to confine: Bennie was remanded into a drug rehab as part of his court sentence.
5. Etymology: from Latin remandare, "to send back"; from re- mandare, "to command, to consign"; formed by blending manus, "hand" + dare, "to give".
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