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relief (s) (noun), reliefs (pl)
1. A pleasant and relaxed feeling that a person has from anxiety or tension: The residents in the village expressed a sense of relief that the tornado didn't destroy their homes.
2. Things, often food, money, or medicines that are given to help people who are victims of a war, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, etc.: Countries from around the world have been providing all kinds of relief to the survivors of natural disasters.
3. A way of decorating wood, stone, metal, etc. with designs that stick out above the surface: Some special coins have reliefs of special people on them.
4. A work of art with pictures or sculptures which protrude out above the outer parts: There are many designs that are exact replicas of statues and reliefs found in some ancient buildings.
5. The removal or reduction of anything which is painful or unpleasant: Margaret went to the doctor to get relief from her severe headaches.

Many people find that exercise routines are a very good way to have a relief from stress.

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Relief: What trees do in the spring.
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What trees do in the spring.
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Sculpture in which the figures project slightly from the background.
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