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rein (s). reins (pl)
1. A strap, or each half of a strap, by which a horse is controlled by its rider or by the driver of a coach or cart which it is pulling.
2. Any means of guiding, controlling, or restraining someone or something.
3. A strap or harness that fits around the body of a very young child, with straps attached so the youngster can be controlled and guided; especially, when going for a walk outside.
4. To give free rein to someone or something is to allow a person or something complete freedom by imposing no restraints or limitations.
5. To have or to keep a tight rein on someone or something means to maintain strict control.
6. To take up the reins refers to taking charge of something or someone.
7. Etymology: from Old French retenir, from Latin retinere, "to hold back,"; from re-, "back" + tenere, "to hold".
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