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regurgitation (s) (noun), regurgitations (pl)
1. A backward flow from the normal direction, as the return of swallowed food into the mouth or the process of something being thrown up or vomiting.
2. The backward flow of blood through a defective heart or cardiac valve, named for the affected valve, as in aortic regurgitation.

A backward flowing; for example, vomiting is a regurgitation of food from the stomach and a regurgitation of blood back into the heart when a heart valve is incompetent.

3. A remastication or re-rumination of food or thoroughly chewing again or repeatedly of food by ruminant or herbivorous animals; such as, cattle, sheep, deer, and camels.

A regurgitation is done by herbivorous animals that have four stomachs, a rumen, reticulum, omasum, and abomasum or true stomach.

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aortic regurgitation (s) (noun), aortic regurgitations (pl) aortic insufficieny, aortic incompetence
A back flow of blood into the left ventricle through or around an abnormal or prosthetic (replaced, incompetent) aortic valve as a result of surgery.
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cardiac regurgitation (s) (noun), cardiac regurgitations (pl)
A revese flow of blood through the aortic, mitral, or tricuspid valves of the heart because of incomplete closures.
duodenal regurgitation (s) (noun), duodenal regurgitations (pl)
A return flow of chyme (partially digested food and gastric secretions produced in the stomach) from the duodenum (small intestine) backwards into the stomach again.
mitral regurgitation (s) (noun), mitral regurgitations (pl)
A back flow of blood from the left ventricle of the heart into the left atrium, resulting from the imperfect closure of the mitral or bicuspid valve.
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unacceptable regurgitation (s) (noun), unacceptable regurgitations (pl)
To repeat something; such as, facts, ideas, etc. without understanding them or explaining them: The speaker memorized the historical scientific names making unacceptable regurgitations of them during his speech; in other words, the he was just throwing out facts and figures without any relevant explanations or interconnections.
valvular regurgitation (s) (noun), valvular regurgitations (pl)
A reverse flow of blood through a valve; especially, a heart valve, that is not completely closed as it should normally be.
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