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region (s) (noun), regions (pl)
1. An area, segment, or location in which politics, cultures, or geography are different from other areas: "A region can be a part of a country or of the world, etc. that is different or separate from other parts in some way."

"Monroe is the sales manage of the California region."

2. Places that are indicated on a person's body or an area that is near a specified part of the body: "Henry's mother has a terrible pain in her lower back region."
3. Etymology: from Anglo-French regioun, Old Fremch region; both of which came from Latin regionem and regio, "direction, boundary, district, country"; ultimately from Latin regere, "to direct, to rule".
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axillary region (s) (noun), axillary regions (pl)
The area of the upper chest surrounding the armpits which are lateral (to the side) of the pectoral (breast or chest) region: Viola had her axillary regions checked by Dr. Jones to see if there was any indication of cancer in that part of her body.
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biogeographic regions (pl) (noun), no singular
References to areas of the world that contain recognizably distinct and special fauna, or animals, and plants.
industrialized regions (noun) (pl)
Areas which have been building and operating factories and businesses in a city, region, or country.
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marine littoral faunal region (s) (noun), marine littoral faunal regions (pl)
A division of the earth's surface which includes all marine animals: A marine littoral faunal region is a geographical area of the zoosphere incorporating the entire number of marine creatures.
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zoogeographical region (s) (noun), zoogeographical regions (pl)
1. Any of the major geographical areas into which the earth is divided on the basis of distinct forms of animal life or fauna: One zoogeographical region or "zoogeographical realm" is the Australian region, which includes marsupial and monotreme forms, such as the platypus and the echidnas (spiny anteaters) that are not found elsewhere.
2. Nine such regions exist:
  • Palaearctic (Northern Europe and Asia)
  • Nearctic (North America, Greenland, etc.)
  • Ethiopian (Africa and Arabia)
  • Madagascan (east coast of Africa)
  • Neotropical (Mexico, Central and South America)
  • Oriental (India, Burma, and S.E. Asia west of Wallace's Line)
  • Australasian (Australia, New Guinea, and islands S.E. Of Wallace's Line)
  • New Zealand (including neighboring islands)
  • Polynesian (numerous pacific islands of volcanic origin having no apparent connection with the continents)
—A.W. Leftwich. A Dictionary of Zoology, 1973.