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regime, regimen, regiment, regiment
regime (ray ZHEEM, ri ZHEEM) (noun)
1. A regular pattern for activities or behavior: At boarding school we followed the regime of showering with cold water.
2. An administration, an authority, or a government: The current regime at the office is very strict about working overtime.
regimen (REJ uh muhn, REJ uh men") (noun)
A regular or systematic plan or structure of activities, typically intended to improve one's health: During the winter Trisha tries to follow a careful regimen of diet and exercise.
regiment (REJ uh muhnt) (noun)
A military unit typically composed of several battalions: When Brian's uncle was in the army, the dress colors of his regiment were green and purple.
regiment (REJ uh muhnt) (verb)
1. To organize in a rigid and regulated manner: For a joke, Karin's sister tried to regiment her cats for the school parade.
2. To subject to uniformity: The school principal attempted to regiment the pupils into neat rows of ten.

The established regime ordered a new regimen for the regiment in terms of their parade duties.

regiment (s), regiments (pl) (noun forms)
1. Subject to rigid discipline, order, and systematization.
2. A military unit usually consisting of two or three battalions of ground troops divided into smaller companies or troops under the command of a colonel.
3. At one time it meant, governmental rule or administration.
4. Etymology: "government, rule, control"; from Old French regiment, "government, rule", from Late Latin regimentum, "rule, direction"; from Latin regimen, "rule, guidance, government"; all of which came from regere, "to rule".
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regiment, regiments, regimented, regimenting (verb forms)
1. To strictly organize and to control something: "The parents carefully regiment the diet of their children so they can grow up healthy and strong."
2. To strictly control the behavior or people: "They criticized the way the company regiments its employees."

"Are they regimenting the way you do your work, too?"

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