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regal, regale, regalia
regal (REE guhl) (adjective)
Describing something which is suitable for royalty; a kind of excellence: The elegant hotel looked regal in Jane's opinion.
regale (ri GAYL) (verb)
To entertain or to amuse a person or people by telling stories describing experiences, etc.: After dinner, Ed's father used to regale him with episodes of his childhood.

Trina's friend would often regale her party guests with tales of her adventures in Africa.

regalia (ri GAYL yuh, ri GAY lee uh) (noun)
Symbols of royalty; decorations or insignias of one's position or office: The queen's regalia included a long train of her robe, a crown, and a sceptre.

Because she was the mayor, Karin Marissa wore the regalia of her office, including a heavy chain around her neck.

Tammie's cousin used to regale her friends with tales about the regalia that was worn by the participants at the costume ball. Josie said they all looked very regal.