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reflect (verb), reflects; reflected; reflecting
1. To cast back light, heat, sound, etc. from a surface: The mirror reflected the light onto the wall.
2. To reproduce; to show: Hank's followers are reflecting his views regarding what to do in the financial conditions that exist at the present time.
3. To throw or to cast back; to cause to return or rebound: Sara's bitterness regarding her recent divorce reflects gloom on all of her family.
4. To give evidence of a person's quality or character; to show proof of a feature or attribute of something: The grade Ingrid got on her final examination in her history class reflects well on her abilities.
5. Etymology: from Latin reflectere, "to bend back" from re-, "back" + flectere, "to bend".
To think seriously or to ponder.
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(Latin: from meditatus; a form of meditare, to muse, to ponder; to think over, to consider; to think, to reflect)