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refine (verb), refines; refined; refining
To clean up or to perfect a product by removing impurities or mistakes: Ivan asked his college roommate to refine his essay which he was preparing for his history class because he wanted to make sure that he made no grammatical errors.
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electrorefining, electrolytic refining
1. The removal of impurities from a metal by electrolysis.
2. A petroleum refining procedure to aid in separating chemical treating agents from the hydrocarbon phase by use of an electrostatic field.
3. In chemical engineering, a petroleum refinery process for light hydrocarbon streams in which an electrostatic field is used to assist in separation of chemical treating agents (acid, caustic, doctor) from the hydrocarbon phase.
4. A method of metal refining in which the metal is dissolved anodically (positive electrode) and plated at the cathode (negative electrode) of an electrolytic cell.
5. The process of dissolving a metal from an impure anode by means of electrodeposition and redepositing it in a purer state on a cathode.
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