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refind, refined, refined
refind (REE fighnd) (verb)
To get or to experience for more than one time: Bobby tried to refind his youth by going on a cross-country trip with his motorcycle.
refined (ree FIN'd) (verb)
1. To have improved to be more precise or exact: Jillian refined her essay carefully before submitting it for publication.
2. To have overcome vulgarity or coarseness: Helena came from a terribly impoverished background but the opportunity to go to school really refined her ability to speak and to act in an acceptable manner.
  3. To have removed impurities: The chemical process refined the ore into pure silver.
refinded (ree FIN'd) (adjective)
Cultured, polite, and cultivated: Susanne had very refined manners which she learned from her parents.

In his essay, Carlos refined his story-telling technique to enhance the mythology surrounding the tale of the middle-aged man seeking to refind his youth while hiking through the outback of Australia.

refine (verb), refines; refined; refining
To clean up or to perfect a product by removing impurities or mistakes: Ivan asked his college roommate to refine his essay which he was preparing for his history class because he wanted to make sure that he made no grammatical errors.
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