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reek, reek, wreak
reek (REEK) (verb)
To produce a very strong and unpleasant odor: The stinking garbage in the kitchen was starting to reek and it was more than Ingrid could tolerate.
reek (REEK) (noun)
A strong, overpowering, and often very offensive smell: The reek of the rotten potatoes that were in the cabinet was overwhelming.
wreak (REEK) (verb)
1. To inflict vengeance or punishment upon someone: The gangs will wreak mayhem in the city if they are not brought under control.
2. To express outrage, malevolence, or resentment: The crowd gathered in the square to wreak their anger at the government because of increased taxes.
3. To cause something very harmful or damaging: The storm is expected to wreak, or wreck, havoc and extensive damage along the coast during the day.

Jerome saw the storm wreak havoc in the farmers' fields; and a short time after that, the prevailing breeze really did reek of rotting crops.