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read, read, reed, reed
read (REED) (noun)
Something written or printed that has been studied, examined and enjoyed: Laurel's latest novel is a good read.
read (REED) (verb)
1. To peruse or to look over something carefully: Ralph will read the author’s notes after he completes reading the book.
2. To follow a course of study at an educational institution or independently: Helene fully intends to read the classics when she goes to school next semester.
reed (REED) (verb)
To make corrugations, such as on the edge of a coin: Nicholas was a famous engineer who developed the machine to reed, or to make grooves on the coins for the mint.
reed (REED) (noun)
1. Any of a number of tall grasses that often grow in wet areas and frequently have jointed stems: Mrs. Smart said to her class, "This is an example of a reed from the marsh and, as a group, they provide a sanctuary for many birds."
2. A wind instrument made of a hollowed piece of wood: Fern brought her new reed with her when she started her new position with the chamber group.
3. Part of the equipment needed when setting up a loom which is used to space the warp threads evenly: Elva's husband made the reed which she used when she was setting up her loom in anticipation of weaving a blanket.

Those who don't read have no advantage over those who can't.

—E. C. McKenzie

The ancient Egyptian book Brandon read was written on papyrus which was made from a reed that grew near the river and one of the illustrations in the book showed a godlike figure playing on a reed instrument.

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(Greek > Latin: reed, pipe; the word for "reed" in Hebrew, Arabic, and Egyptian was kaneh; then the word element passed into Greek and Latin, and into the languages of western Europe)
(Greek: papyros > Latin > Old French; papyrus, an Egyptian rush [a reed plant] from which material was made for writing or drawing. Used in the sense of "fibrous material on which to write or to draw"; paper)
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(Hebrew: kaneh, reed; Latin: canna, reed, pipe)