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redundancy (s) (noun), redundancies (pl)
1. The state or fact of not, or no longer, being needed or wanted.
2. Something that is not or no longer needed nor wanted.
3. The use of a word, or words, whose meaning is already conveyed elsewhere in a passage, without a rhetorical purpose; excessive wordiness, or repetition, when expressing oneself.
4. With computers, the installation of duplicate electronic, mechanical components, or backup systems that are designed to come into use to keep equipment working if their counterparts fail.
5. Duplication of information in telecommunications to reduce the risk of errors.
6. In Britain and Canada, a dismissal from work, or employment (unemployed), because the job or the worker has been deemed no longer necessary: After being declared redundant, Ivan was told that his services were no longer necessary; so, now he is in a status of redundancy.
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cyclic redundancy check, CRC
A method of checking data stored on an RFID tag to be sure that it hasn't been corrupted or some of it lost.
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Department of Redundancy Department
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