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redoubt (s) (noun), redoubts (pl)
1. A small, often temporary defensive fortification: Because they were always on the move, the trappers built redoubts to protect themselves and which could be taken down quickly when they relocated themselves.
2. A reinforcing earthwork or breastwork within a permanent rampart: In order to defend themselves even more, the soldiers built a redoubt within the walls of their fortress in order to provide the optimum safety for them.
3. A protected place of refuge or defense: In his room at home, little Tommy built a redoubt with blankets hanging from the framework of his bed so he couldn’t be seen by anyone!
4. An isolated work forming a complete enclosure of any form, used to defend a prominent point: In the book Ted was reading, a small camp and a redoubt were constructed on top of the cliff for the soldiers so that they could safeguard their area.
5. Etymology: from Fr. redoute, from It. ridotto "place of retreat," from M.L. reductus "place of refuge, retreat," from Latin reduct-, past participle stem of reducere, "to lead" or "to bring back".
A small temporary fortification or refuge.
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