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recover (verb), recovers; recovered; recovering
1. To return to a normal condition of health, mind, or strength: "Robert is still recovering from the shock of the car accident."

"The economy is still not recovering despite all of the promises of the current administration."

2. Be well again: "The doctor told Jennifer that she would recover again very soon."
3. To find or to regain the possession of something that has been stolen or lost: "Fay's mother recovered her lost wedding ring when she was finally able to remember where she put it when she was working in the garden."
4. To regain control of oneself or of a physical or mental condition: "Henrietta finally recovered consciousness after stepping on a banana peel and hitting her head against a tree trunk next to the sidewalk when she fell down."
5. To make up for a loss in position or time: "During the London Olympics, the Germans recovered the lead in the swimming competition."
6. Etymology: from Latin recuperare "to recover"; related to recipere, "to regain, to take back"; from re-. "back, again" + -cipere, combining form of capere, "to take".
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