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reconnoiter (ree" kuh NOI tuhr, rek" uh NOI tuhr) (verb), reconnoiters; reconnoitered; reconnoitering
1. To explore a region in order to gather information; especially, about the strength and positioning of enemy military forces: The special forces will reconnoiter the fighting zone to make sure it is accessible and can be properly analyzed.
2. An exploration of an area or a situation in order to gather information before making a decision as to what can be done: Ted and his family reconnoitered or investigated the forest area before deciding where they could pitch their tent for the night.
3. Etymology: from early 18th century via obsolete French reconnoître from Latin recognoscere, "to identify".
To make a preliminary survey.
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reconnoitering (s) (noun), reconnoiterings (pl)
Exploring in order to gain information: The soldiers realized that reconnoitering, or scouting, in enemy territory could be very dangerous.
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