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electronic reconnaissance, reconnaissance
1. The scanning by electronic procedures so substantially uniform coverage of an area is provided by a predetermined pattern of scanning lines.
2. The detection, identification, evaluation, and location of foreign, electromagnetic radiations by processing electronic circuits as carried out by aircraft, drones, missiles, earth satellites, or fixed monitoring stations.

It includes both radar reconnaissance and electronic-countermeasure reconnaissance.

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reconnaissance (ri KAHN uh suhns, ri KAHN uh zuhns) (s) (noun), reconnaissances (pl)
1. The exploration or examination of an area to gather information; especially, about the strength and positioning of enemy forces: The army officials reviewed the different approaches to determine which would be the best way to make a reconnaissance of the enemy territory.
2. A preliminary inspection of an area to obtain geographic, hydrographic, or similar data prior to a detailed survey: The reconnaissance of the district to gather terrestrial information was interrupted when the road ran into a pasture and ended.
3. A preliminary research or investigation of something: There was a lot of reconnaissance done in the forested areas so that the report on rare birds in that area would be as complete as possible.
An examination in advance to gain information.
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archaeological reconnaissance, archeological reconnaissance (s) (noun); archaeological reconnaissances, archeological reconnaissances
The technique of finding, specifying, and documenting the locations of very old historical sites on the ground by examining different contrasts in the various environments and geographic configurations: In his class of archaeological reconnaissance, James used a special tool called an auger to make holes in the ground so he could extract samples of soil in order to understand the physical features of what once existed in certain areas.
electromagnetic reconnaissance
1. The emission and propagation of radiation associated with a periodically varying electric and magnetic field traveling at the speed of light, including gamma gray X-rays, and ultraviolet, light, infrared, and radio waves.
2. A reconnaissance activity for the purpose of locating and identifying potentially hostile transmitters of electromagnetic radiation, including radar, communication, missile-guidance, and navigation-aid equipment.

Identification generally includes determination of frequency, type of modulation, pulse data, antenna characteristics, and bearing to the transmitter.

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electronic countermeasure reconnaissance
Reconnaissance by aircraft equipped with electronic devices capable of locating enemy radar stations, determining their area coverage, and making radarscope recordings for combat mission folders.
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