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recommend (verb), recommends; recommended; recommending
1. To present as worthy of confidence, acceptance, use, etc.; to commend; to mention favorably: Mike will recommend that his son become an applicant for a better paying job.

Judy's friend recommends that she read a certain book that will improve her understanding of the kind of psychotherapy which would benefit her.
2. To represent or to urge as advisable or expedient: Sam felt the need to recommend caution when his friend was about to drive home during the rain storm.
3. To advise, as an alternative; to suggest a choice, course of action, etc. as appropriate, beneficial, etc.:

At the restaurant, Charles recommended the blue-plate special because it included an especially delicious steak.

Ted's doctor recommended special exercises for him to do to help his aching back.

4. Etymology: from Latin commendare, "to entrust to, to praise", from re- + mandare "to give into someone's hand, to commit to one's charge".

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