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recognize (REK uhg nighz") (verb), recognizes; recognized; recognizing
1. To identify a thing or person as a result of having seen or had some other experience of him, her, or it before: While they were shopping in the supermarket, Sherry turned to her husband and said, "Jim, look at that couple over there. Do you recognize them as our former neighbors who moved away some years ago?"
2. To acknowledge someone's achievement; to show appreciation of, or give credit to, another's performance: The players hoped that people would recognize their success of the sports event by donating in a grand style!
3. To allow someone to speak at a meeting: The chairman recognized the representative who wanted to talk to the members of the staff.
4. To accept formally the independent and legal status of a country or regime: The administration refused to recognize the new military government.
5. To give or award something to a person as a token of acknowledgment or gratitude: The council recognized the soldier's bravery with a medal.
6. To show in some way that someone is personally known: Shirley recognized old friends in the crowd with a smile and a wave.
7. To accept the validity or truth of something: Ivan recognized that he was at fault for the failure of the project.
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recognized (adjective), more recognized, most recognized
Generally referring to something that is accepted as being true, valid, worthy, or proper: Henry was the recognized authority regarding the use of Latin in various languages.
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