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reclamation (s) (noun), reclamations (pl)
1. An action of protesting; a protest: The reclamation of the opposition by the crowd to the increased taxes was loud and disturbing.
2. A calling or bringing back from wrong-doing; a reformation: The judge ordered the wayward youth to complete 250 hours of working with homeless people as a form of reclamation for his misbehavior with a woman who was begging for money to buy something to eat.
3. Any reprocessing of unusable objects or waste materials that can be utilized again: Jim works for a local company that recycles various kinds of plastics for reclamation so they can produce new products.

Making wild or overgrown land suitable for farming or other human uses is one kind of reclamation or allowing cultivated or altered land to be returned to nature and returning it to its wild state, is another application of reclamation which has become more popular as many people have a greater appreciation for the importance of wild life.

4. The return of something which was lost or taken away: The priest issued an appeal for the reclamation of the missing religious statues which were apparently taken from the church.
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saline-water reclamation
The demineralization of saline or brackish water.
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