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reclaimer (s) (noun), reclaimers (pl)
1. Someone who recovers property or materials: Garrett went to the railroad station as a reclaimer of his suitcase from the luggage office.
2. The act of making something suitable for construction, farming, or living: The Dutch have been successful reclaimers of a significant amount of land from the sea by draining it and enclosing it with sea walls.

Mark and his associates were successful reclaimers who developed a system of converting old car tires, glass, plastics, waste paper, etc. into useful forms which turned refuse dumps into profitable sources of income.

3. Anyone who strives to make people stop living immoral lives and to be honest and to behave according to standards that are just and right: For several decades, Billy Graham was a reclaimer, or evangelist, who preached Christian principles around the world to strongly urge everyone to live moral lives as followers of God.
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