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(Latin: putatus past participle of putare: to think over, consider, reckon, count; to trim, prune, lop, cut, clean, clear, unmixed)
(Latin: to count, to reckon, to assess, to estimate, to value, to deem, to judge; judgment, criticism; Latin censura and French censure)
(Latin: distribution; to count, to reckon)
(Latin: reckoning, to reckon; calculating, calculation; understanding; thinking)
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reckon (verb), reckons; reckoned; reckoning
1. To count, to add, to figure, to calculate, to speculate, or to estimate: Jewell's wages were reckoned by the number of hours that she worked.

Since their family is happy and healthy, the parents reckon themselves to be fortunate.

While the family was driving to their vacation resort, the father reckoned that they were only a few miles away from their hotel.

2. To figure, to plan, or to consider: The couple didn't reckon on their friends arriving two days ahead of schedule.
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