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recess (s) (noun), recesses (pl)
1. A depression or indentation in any otherwise continuous line or surface; especially, in a wall; a niche; an alcove; or a cavity.
2. A time of cessation from employment or occupation or a break from classes during the school day or year: "The school had another recess from classes today."
3. A period during which no work or business is done; specifically, a long period in which a legislative body is not sitting in session or a short break during court proceedings.
4. Etymology: "act of receding", from Latin recessus, "a going back, a retreat"; from recessum, the past participle of recedere, "to recede".
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azygoesophageal recess, azygesophageal recess (s) (noun); azygoesophageal recesses; azygesophageal recesses (pl)
The region below the azygos vein arch in which the right lung intrudes into the mediastinum (the space in the thoracic cavity behind the sternum and amidst the two pleural sacs containing the lungs) between the heart and the vertebral column, bordered on the left by the esophagus, which is the long hollow muscular tube that connecting the pharynx (cavity at the back of the mouth) to the stomach.
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