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receptor (s) (noun), receptors (pl)
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mu opioid receptors
Stimulation of mu receptors exerts effects that depress nerve impulse transmission.

Morphine acts on the central nervous system to produce both depression and euphoric stimulation, effects that are mediated through its stimulation of mu opioid receptors.

Mu receptors' activation in some instances inhibits the transmission of inhibitory impulses, thereby causing stimulation.

Morphine has a marked analgesic effect because of its stimulation of mu receptors in both the brain and spinal cord, and its principal therapeutic value is for the relief of moderate to severe pain.

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sensory receptor (s) (noun), sensory receptors (pl)
Millions of microscopic structures through out the body which collect information or awareness from the environment of each individual: Such sensory receptors are found in the skin, the muscles and the joints, in the internal organs, in the walls of blood vessels, and in the special perception organs; such as, the eyes, the tongue, the nose, the skin, the ears, etc.

During the neurological assessment, the medical clinician checked the functions of some of the sensory receptors of the stroke patient.

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