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electric outlet, receptacle
1. The point at which electrical power is taken from a wiring system, a power-line termination which delivers a signal or operating power to equipment that is plugged into it.
2. A power line termination from which electric power can be obtained by inserting the plug of a line cord.
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receptacle (s) (noun), receptacles (pl)
1. A container that holds, contains, or receives a liquid or solid: Mary placed a receptacle outside her front door for people to put their wet umbrellas in before coming inside for dinner.
2. The end of a flower stalk, bearing the parts of a flower, or the florets of a composite flower: The biology teacher, Mrs. Smart, asked her students, "Did you know that when you eat a strawberry, you are actually eating the large receptacle of the blossom, which isn’t really a fruit at all"?
3. In a plant that reproduces through spores; such as, a liverwort or the part that bears the reproductive organs: The receptacles of the brown algae are at the ends of its branches which are formations enclosing its generative elements.
4. Etymology: directly or via French from Latin receptaculum, "a small place in which to store something received".
A device, a container, etc. that holds something.
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(Greek > Latin: [receptacle], vessel, often a blood vessel; "covered by a seed or vessel", a seed vessel; a learned borrowing from Greek meaning "vessel", "container")
(Greek > Latin: case, capsule, sheath, container, receptacle [also: a placing, a setting, a putting]; "a place where" something is kept)
(Latin: scrinium, a case, chest, box, or receptacle; especially, one in which are deposited sacred relics, bones of a saint, or sacred books and documents)