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receipt (s) (noun), receipts (pl)
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receipt, recipe, reseat
receipt (ri SEET) (noun)
A written acknowledgment of something given to an individual or business: Dale had to sign the receipt for the delivery of the bricks to build the patio in his garden.

Open immediately upon delivery of the letter and remember that the enclosed form should be completed and returned within 30 days of the receipt.

recipe (RES uh pee") (noun)
1. A set of instructions for doing something; George saw a new recipe for chocolate cake that he wanted to bake.
2. A formula or steps to take for achieving something: Shanna seems to have found the recipe for success in her writing.
reseat (ree SEET) (verb)
To provide a different place to sit, for example at a concert: The usher will reseat Nell and Kim during the intermission because there is a post blocking their view of the pianist on stage.

While Henry and Lorna were staying at the charming Bed and Breakfast their seats at the breakfast table were designated; however, since they didn't want to sit next to the window, their host agreed to reseat them.

Shareen had such wonderful muffins, Alisa asked for the recipe and signed a receipt with her host, promising always to follow the directions exactly as specified.