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rear, rear
rear (RIR) (noun)
1. The part of something which is opposite to or away from the front part, or is in the back part of something: There are two bedrooms at the rear of the apartment.
2. The part of a military deployment usually farthest from the fighting front: The troops were redeployed from the camp at the rear where their weapons were upgraded for the next attack.
rear (RIR) (verb)
1. To care for during the early stages of life; for example, animals, or an animal, and children, or a child: The parents tried to rear their children so they would be polite and well-mannered.

Debora wanted to rear her dog to be obedient and friendly.

2. To lift upright or to raise: Cleo and Alisa could see the cliff wall appear to rear way above them.

The race horse owner was careful to rear his horses so they would not rear up if they heard a loud noise. Victor also kept the horses in the rear part of the barn where it was quieter.

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(Latin: dorsum, back, on the back, near the back, back side; rear, posterial)
(Greek: rump, bottom; rear end; behind part; the posterior or back part of the body)