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ream, ream
ream (REEM) (noun)
1. A measurement of a quantity of paper, typically 500 individual sheets of paper to a package: Lorna bought a ream of green cards on which to print the announcements.
2. A very large amount: There was one ream after another ream of material to read before going to the meeting.
ream (REEM) (verb)
1. To enlarge or to widen a hole using a specifically designed tool: The plumber had to ream the drain pipe so the water could drain properly.
2. To squeeze the juice out of fruit: Susanna will use the gadget with a ridge and conical top to ream the oranges so she can have a fresh orange smoothie for breakfast!

It will take a ream of fresh oranges to ream enough juice for everyone to have a large glassful in the morning.

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